THE BRAIN PRIZE MEETING 2021: Migraine and related CNS disorders

External Event - 29th Nov to 1st Dec 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline - 28th Oct 2021

Venue: Comwell Borupgaard

With international keynote speakers including the 2021 Brain Prize winners, Professors Jes Olesen, Lars Edvinsson, Peter Goadsby and Michael Moskowitz, the Lundbeck Foundation Brain Prize Meeting 2021 aims to bring senior and early career investigators together in a small and informal environment to discuss progress and challenges in the field of migraine and related CNS disorders. Sessions will cover classification, burden, comorbidities, genetics and treatment of migraine and other headache disorders, and neurogenic inflammation. The meeting is designed to promote the open exchange of ideas and knowledge and to foster the formation of collaborative networks among researchers aiming to understand and treat migraine and related disorders of the CNS.


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