The eye webinar (secondary)

BNA Event - 11th Jun 2020

The eye webinar (secondary) Thursday 11th June 4pm (UK Time/BST)

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This webinar will be on the topic of the eye and the neuroscience of sight and will be aimed at secondary school children (ages 12-16). We will be learning about the structure of the eye, the photoreceptors within the eye, the way light is detected and how signals are sent to and interpreted by the brain.

We are planning for this webinar to run for about 1 hour.

Preparing for the Kahoot quiz

During the webinar, we will be using Kahoot to allow you to give us your answers and ideas! 

You will need a device that your children can share to watch the presentation on, and a way of interacting with our webinar (with Kahoot or without Kahoot), either:

  • A smartphone/tablet/other device per child (with kahoot up) and a computer (to watch the presentation altogether) recommended
  • A computer with two tabs open (one with presentation open, and another with kahoot open)
  • A computer/ other device (to watch presentation on) and paper and a pen to write down answers (If you aren't able to use Kahoot)

If you have a smartphone/tablet/another tab to hand for each child they will be able to answer questions individually, otherwise, they can work as a team.

Preparing for the activity: Finding your blindspot

During the webinar, we will be finding and drawing our blindspot. This activity requires someone to help the person finding their blindspot - this can be another child/young person or an adult.

The materials you will need for this are:

  • A water bottle or something of similar height for the child/young person to rest their chin on (to keep their head still)
  • 1 piece of A3 plain white paper (or 2 A4 pieces stuck together)
  • 1 long strip of plain white paper (it is easiest to cut a strip off the A3 paper, about 3 cm in width)

(the pieces of paper don't need to be white but they do need to be the same colour)

  • A pencil
  • A ruler

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