The Pain of Missing Treatments for Pain: An Open Discussion and Q&A

BNA Event - 10th Sep 2020

Thursday 10 September, 15:00 – 16:00 BST

This is a joint webinar with The Physiological Society and The British Neuroscience Association.

Organised by Talitha Kerrigan, University of Exeter, UK, Charlotte Stagg, University of Oxford, UK, Anne Cooke, The British Neuroscience Association and Susan Deuchars, University of Leeds, UK


“Of pain you could wish only one thing: that it should stop. Nothing in the world was so bad as physical pain. In the face of pain there are no heroes.” George Orwell, ‘1984’


Neuroscience has revealed the secrets of the brain and nervous system to an extent that was beyond the realm of imagination just 10-20 years ago, let alone in 1949 when Orwell wrote his famous prophetic novel. Understanding pain, however, presents a unique challenge to neuroscientists and neurologists, being both a measurable physiological process, as well as deeply personal and subjective. Given the millions of people who suffer from pain every day, wishing only that it would stop, the need to find more effective treatments cannot be understated.


Why is pain so hard to treat? How can we combine our understanding of the physiological processes with subjective perception to get better insights of the nature of pain? What is it about drug development for pain relief that makes it so hard to crack? And is there something brighter on the horizon?


Join two leaders in the field, David Bennett (University of Oxford, UK) and Steve McMahon (Kings College London, UK) to discuss these issues, ask any questions you have, and explore the neuroscience of pain.



This webinar is free to attend and is open to all.

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