The Ph.D. Viva Workshop

External Event - 24th Jul 2022

The online workshop is broken into several sessions, delivered by Dr Stacey Bedwell and Dr Isabelle Butcher. Together Stacey and Isabelle have expertise spanning several fields and have first hand experience of the PhD viva.

The range of sessions will give you an insight into the viva experience, preparing for the viva, debunk some viva myths and give you the opportunity to practice some key viva skills.


9am – Welcome & Introductions

9.30am – Viva experiences

10.00am - Lay summaries

10.30am What the viva is, what it’s for and how to make the most of it

11.30pm Viva preparation timelines

Lunch Break

1.30 pm – Mock viva questions & mock viva activity

3.15 pm Dealing with viva anxiety & self-care.

3.45pm –Summary and final Q&A

Dr Stacey Bedwell teaches at some of the UK’s top universities. Her background and expertise is in neuroscience and psychology. Stacey was awarded her PhD in 2015 for her work on the anatomical connectvity of the mammalian prefrontal cortex.

Dr Isabelle Butcher is a postdoctoral researcher in psychology at a prestigious UK university. Isabelle was awarded her PhD in 2020 for her work on understanding individuals subjective experiences of negative symptoms of schizoprenia.

Stacey and Isabelle have previously held workshops on the human brain and co-authored the popular children's book 'Anything you can do, I can do'. They have been successfully running The PhD Viva Workshop since June 2021. Their new book, 'How to excel in your doctoral viva', is coming out later in 2022.

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