UCLPartners Centre for Neurorehabilitation Symposium: Living with Cognitive Disability

External Event - 1st Feb 2019

Logo of University College LondonLocation: 33 Queen Square Basement Lecture Theatre

This full-day symposium is an essential educational tool for all those working in the field, providing immersion in the current challenges, possibilities, research, practicalities and opinions in cognitive rehabilitation.  

Cognitive difficulties after a brain injury are often difficult to identify and address and can impact on every area of a person's functioning including how they engage with rehabilitation.  From complex neuropsychological assessment to cognitive rehabilitation interventions, this symposium focuses on multi-disciplinary team working in three rehabilitation pathways, acute, inpatient, and community.  Each session will highlight the evidence of recent research and the challenges of delivering best practice.  In the final session we will discuss current prospects for those living with this long-term condition.

Professor Jon Evans (University of Glasgow) sets the tone of the day with his keynote lecture, and the sessions are chaired by experts in the field – Dr Mike Dilly, Professor Diane Playford, Dr Patrick McKnight, and Dr Andrew Tyerman. 

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