Why can't we tickle ourselves? The neuroscience of prediction

External Event - 17th Mar 2017

Dr Joseph Galae gives this talk on 17th March at Birmingham Medical School between 6:30-8:00pm.

This might seem an odd question but have you ever tried to tickle yourself? If not, give it a go. For a large majority of people you should find this a very difficult thing to achieve. Although this might seem a trivial phenomenon, it reveals the amazing ability of our brain to predict the consequences of our own actions. This talk will describe how and why the brain predicts. I will explain the importance of prediction to our everyday lives, highlighting optimal prediction in elite athletes and the impairments in prediction observed in patients suffering lesions to certain brain areas. There will also be an opportunity for the audience to reveal their ability to predict!

This lecture is open to the general public and no registration is required.

To find out more, please get in touch with Zsuzsanna Nagy;

Phone: 44121 4158135

Email: z.nagy@bham.ac.uk

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