Current member offers

In addition to the core membership benefits, we always have a range of offers available to members of the BNA.  Check back for updates as these change throughout the year. 


  1. Represent the BNA at your University
  2. Funding at your University
  3. FREE jobs and events listings on the website

Represent the BNA at your University

The BNA is underpinned by a national group of Local Groups, each one headed by a Local Group Representative (LGR). BNA LGRs are pivotal in enabling two-way communication between members and the BNA Trustees.

Aware of how much we ask LGRs to do, and also of the desire of our early-career members to be more involved in BNA activities, we are about to launch a parallel network of Local Group Student Representatives (LGSRs).

By becoming an LGSR, students will have the chance to work with their LGR to promote the BNA within their institution by disseminating important information to peers and colleagues, promoting the BNA at events such as Freshers Week and being able to get involved with BNA-led events.  Plus, it looks great on your CV!

Details of the Local Group Student Representative (LGSR) scheme are currently being finalised and will be available shortly.

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Funding at your University

Did you know that you can apply for funding of up to £500 towards events and activities at your University via the LGR funding scheme?

Full details of the LGR funding scheme can be found here.

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FREE jobs and events listings on the website

As a BNA member you can post jobs and events to the BNA website for FREE!

Simply log-in to the BNA website and click this link to submit your post.


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