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BNA Local Group Rep (LGR): Currently vacant - if you wish to apply, please email
BNA LGR email: TBC


A fundamental feature of our behaviour is the ability to flexibly and efficiently prepare and specify our actions and responses in the constantly changing world.  Neuroscience research at DMU combines interdisciplinary efforts to understand the neurobiological basis of the human mind. Current DMU neuroscience research focuses on how our brain and genetics transform our experiences into purposeful and efficient actions, as well as into affective functions and responses. We are using a range of neuroscientific techniques, such as electrophysiological and biological/genetic techniques as well as psychological and behavioural approaches. We are also running a montly Journal Club Dedicated to Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN) open to students and staff.

DMU Local group main aims:

  • Promotes interdisciplinary dialogue and research
  • Identifies and supports new research opportunities
  • Enables the large local neuroscience community to make strategic plans for the future
  • Has a strong committment to engaging the wider community in neuroscience research 
  • Represents local neuroscience to external bodies
  • Provides a single point of contact for anyone interested in neuroscience -  students, researchers, journalists, patients, carers and the general public

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