Written resources

The following books and other written resources, some of which have been authored by BNA members, provide a varied range of reading about the science of the brain and nervous system.  

Neuroscience - Unravelling the Mysteries of the Brain: A Career Guide for Students

The BNA has written this highly informative career guide for A-Level / Scottish Advanced Highers / IB students upwards.  It covers basic neuroanatomy, undergraduate and postgraduate entry into neuroscience, and possible career paths involving neuroscience, as well as a selection of recent case studies from a range of neuroscientists. 

You are welcome to download here for free.

Neuroscience - Science of the Brain: An Introduction for Young Students
Available in multple languages!

An updated version of 'Brain Facts Booklet', created by Richard Morris (Edinburgh) and Marienne Fillenz (Oxford) for the BNA in 1994

'Neuroscience - Science of the Brain' is primarily aimed at sixth form students or first-year undergraduates. Richard Morris creates a wonderfully neat and concise 'primer' of neuroscience, touching on everything from development to drug addiction, with leading UK neuroscientists contributing chapters on their respective fields of expertise in a simple yet imaginative and visually appealing way. 

As part of the BNA's commitment to teaching and widening interest in neuroscience, in partnership with IBRO, we offer this online publication free of charge in English, MandarinSpanish, French, German, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, NepaliArmenian, Croatian, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovene, Turkish, Swahili

The Brain Facts Book

This 'primer on the brain and nervous system' is published by the US-based Society for Neuroscience. It covers functions of the brain, diseases and disorders, research methods, and neuroethics, and the latest additions include eight fundamental core concepts of neuroscience, and an enhanced anatomy section with references to the new 3D brain model on the companion website.

The Big Picture: The Brain

Bringing cutting-edge science into the classroom, ‘Big Picture’ is a free and impartial educational resource that explores the innovations and implications of science research.

The January 2013 issue focussed on the brain and has lots of downloadable information and resources.

The ‘Big Picture’ is published by the Education and Editorial teams at Wellcome, a global charitable foundation dedicated to improving human and animal health.  It covers many different topics, and you can sign up for updates and request back issues.

Dana Foundation Publications

The Dana Foundation provides a series of free web and print publications as well as e-Books which are available for purchase.

"Principles of Neurobiology"

Liqun Quo

Principles of Neurobiology is a textbook which presents the major concepts of neuroscience with an emphasis on how we know what we know. BNA Members receive 20% discount (enter 'BNA15' at the checkout, in the promotional code box).

"Science Media Centre: Views from the Front Line"

To celebrate their ten year anniversary, the Science Media Centre' published a collection of essays on key issues we have worked on since our founding, written for the most part by the scientists, journalists and press officers involved.

"Drugs and the Future: Brain Science, Addiction and Society"

David J. Nutt, Trevor W. Robbins, Gerald V. Stimson, Martin Ince, Andrew Jackson 

This book presents 13 reviews collected to present the new advances in all areas of addiction research, including knowledge gained from mapping the human genome, the improved understanding of brain pathways and functions that are stimulated by addictive drugs, experimental and clinical psychology approaches to addiction and treatment, as well as both ethical considerations and social policy.

"Seasons of Life: The Annual Rhythms That Enable Living Things to Survive and Thrive"

Russell Foster, Leon Kreitzman 

Seasons of Life explains why the seasons occur, the impact of seasonal change and how organisms have evolved to anticipate these changes. For although we mask the effects of seasonal changes by warming our homes, lighting our nights, preserving foods and storing water, we cannot hide from them.

"Disorders of Brain and Mind"

Maria A. Ron (Editor), Trevor W. Robbins (Editor)

The distinguished editors have assembled an authoritative team of contributors from the fields of psychiatry, clinical and cognitive neuroscience, and psychology. This book will appeal to anyone who has a clinical or scientific interest in the mind and its disorders.

"Brain Waves"

The Royal Society has produced 4 reports that examine developments in neuroscience and their implications on science and society.