MRes on genetic tools, brain anatomy, physiology and behaviour of insects

Vacancy Reference Number
Closing Date
31 Jul 2024
Durham, UK
1 year
We at InsectNeuroLab (, Durham Univeristy, have 4 self-funded MRes positions on a range of projects spanning insect sensory neuroscience, physiology and behaviour, as well as development of genetic tools. Please click the links below for full project descriptions and conact Dr Olena Riabinina for more details: 1) New genetic tools for neuroscience of malaria mosquitoes Anopheles gambiae ( 2) Investigation of brain anatomy across bumblebee species ( 3) Delivery of small molecules to the brain of Drosophila melanogaser ( 4) Resistance of malaria mosquitoes Anopheles gambiae to desiccation (

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