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BNA Xmas symposium 2019

Neuroscience 2019 (SfN) - Chicago, USA

External Event - 19th to 23rd Oct 2019

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Science as Storytelling: From Facts to Fictions 20TH EMBL SCIENCE AND SOCIETY CONFERENCE - Germany

External Event - 24th to 25th Oct 2019

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Never the twain shall meet?

BNA Event - 5th Nov 2019

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The Brain Prize Meeting 2019 - Denmark

External Event - 25th to 27th Nov 2019

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European Neuro Convention 2020

External Event - 17th to 18th Mar 2020

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Neuronal circuits - Chicago, USA

External Event - 18th to 21st Mar 2020

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Oxford Neuroscience Symposium - Oxford

External Event - 20th Mar 2020

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The Neuro Talks - Madrid, Spain

External Event - 23rd to 24th Apr 2020

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Neuronus 2020 IBRO Neuroscience Forum- Krakow,Poland

External Event - 24th to 26th Apr 2020

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External Event - 24th to 26th Apr 2020

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Neurocircuitry of Social Behavior (L4) - South Korea

External Event - 10th to 13th May 2020

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Myelin Gordon Research Conference - Italy

External Event - 17th to 22nd May 2020

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Glia in Health and Disease - USA

External Event - 16th to 20th Jul 2020

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BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience

BNA Event - 11th to 14th Apr 2021

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Previous Events

BNA2013 Festival of Neuroscience

BNA Event - 7th to 10th Apr 2013

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BNA2015 Festival of Neuroscience

BNA Event - 12th to 15th Apr 2015

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Scottish Neuroscience Group Meeting

External Event - 26th Aug 2016

Join junior and senior scientists at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science read more..

Transient Dynamics and Epilepsy

External Event - 6th Sep 2016

Workshop in Exeter read more..