Active Ageing - Brain Awareness Week Seminar

External Event - 15th Mar 2018

Active Ageing

March 12-18th, 2018 is Brain Awareness Week.

This global campaign aims to increase awareness of progress in the brain sciences and new discoveries. As we learn more about the brain's lifelong development, how memories form and the importance of sleep, exercise and diet, we can apply this information for our own and others' good.

This seminar takes place at the Graham Hills Building, 40 George Street, Glasgow on the 15th of March 2018 from 12-2pm. 

Find out how actively engaging our brains in a range of activities makes a difference and challenges ideas of inevitable decline. Research points to enthusiasm and engagement with new things as a powerful influence on mental sharpness throughout life.

This seminar includes video clips, websites, worksheets and discussion.

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