CNS2024: Sleep, Consciousness & Cognition

External Event - 5th Apr 2024

CNS2024: Sleep, Consciousness & Cognition - Cambridge NeuroscienceYou are invited to attend the 34th annual Cambridge Neuroscience Seminar – CNS2024: 'Sleep, Consciousness and Cognition' on Friday April 5th 2024 at Queens' College, Cambridge.

The conference will host a data blitz, poster exhibit, an industry exhibit, and dinner, drinks & networking.

This year, the conference will focus on 'Sleep, Consciousness and Cognition'. CNS2024 will be interdisciplinary and far reaching in its breadth. From investigating the nature and function of consciousness in humans, animals and AI to the interplay between sleep abnormalities and neurodegeneration; from how core brain networks organise thought and behaviour to the understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying altered states of consciousness; from how the brain makes predictions about the world to how placing physical constraints on an artificially-intelligent system allows it to develop features of the brains of complex organisms in order to solve tasks.


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