Evening event Brain, Behaviour and Beyond (BAW) - Leicester

External Event - 13th Mar 2019

18:00 - 20:00

We invite the general public join us at the University for the evening on Wednesday 13 March 2019,6pm - 8pm in our George Davies Centre on Lancaster Road (formerly Centre for Medicine).

Along with talks there will be live hands-on demonstrations on many aspects of neuroscience research, including vision, taste, attention and movement and the opportunity to meet current students and scientists.

The talks this year will be:

Professor Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska - Food for the brain to prevent dementia
Dr Mervyn Thomas - Wobbly eyes - past, present and future

This free event is open to anyone with an interest in brain research and neuroscience, including biology, cell physiology & pharmacology, genetics, health sciences, medicine and psychology.

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