Hot Topics in Neuroscience Research (BAW) - London

External Event - 15th Mar 2019

13:00 - 14:00

Whitelands Campus, University of Roehampton, London, United Kingdom

The Health Science Research Centre at the University of Roehampton is running a special seminar to showcase some of the groundbreaking neuroscience research being undertaken in the Department of Life Sciences. Prof. Jolanta Opacka-Juffry and Dr Adele Costabile will be talking about how social stress affects not only the brain, but also gut microbes of the gut-brain axis. Dr Simon Dyall will be talking about head injury at the sporting adolescent. Dr Francisco Molina-Holgado will be talking about the immune brain. The talks will be followed by a general discussion about neuroscience research and the hot topics of the future. 

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