"I'm not mad: I only bend reality so that I can see around the corners" (BAW)

External Event - 12th Mar 2018

Time: Monday 12 March: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Venue: Robinson College, Grange Road, CB3 9AN

Cambridge Neuroscience Public Lecture
Introduced and chaired by eminent neuroscientist, Professor Chris Frith, this year's public lecture will be delivered by Professor Paul Fletcher.

Psychosis is a loose descriptive term referring to the altered perceptions and beliefs that seem to signal a loss of contact with objective reality. It comes in many forms and has many possible causes, from physical and mental illnesses to drugs, stress and trauma. It can be profoundly frightening and bewildering and yet some of its features may occur in people who are not ill or under the influence of drugs. Professor Paul Fletcher, Department of Psychiatry, examines the experiences of psychosis more closely and to consider how they might arise out of the normal functioning of the mind. He suggests that it may be understood not as some profound derangement of the brain but as a potentially subtle shift in the balance of processes that we use to make sense of a confusing, noisy, ambiguous world.

For more information please visit https://www.sciencefestival.cam.ac.uk/events/im-not-mad-i-only-bend-reality-so-i-can-see-around-corners

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