Painting Music: sound as vision via synaesthesia (BAW) - Dublin

External Event - 14th Mar 2019

17:00 - 19:30

In this event, the remarkable nature of how sensory information is processed in the brain will be conveyed through music and art, through live simultaneous performance of a synaesthete musician and a synaesthete artist. The event is a live performance by synaesthete musician Svetlana Rudenko and a synaesthete artist (Dr Timothy Layden) who paints what he perceives visually in response to her music, with a public audience.

The event will open with a short introduction to the neuroscience of synaesthesia by Prof Fiona Newell (TCIN and School of Psychology) a leading researcher in the area of synaesthesia. Following this introduction, Svetlana will play a selection of pieces and improvisations on a grand piano, while Timothy paints “live” his visual experience of Svetlana’s musical performance. In addition, images of paintings by Jane Mackay, another synaesthete artist who also paints music, will be projected during the performance.

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