What Keeps You Sharp? (BAW) - Glasgow

External Event - 17th Mar 2019

19:30 - 21:30

Isn’t the expression ‘having a senior moment’ awful? Yet people often think of changes in their mental skills with age in terms of decline. While some people do experience these changes, others do not. So how do thinking skills change through midlife and beyond, and do our lifestyles affect those changes? Join Alan Gow (Heriot-Watt University) to explore results from What Keeps You Sharp?, a nationwide survey about attitudes towards the changes people expect in their thinking skills with age. See how your beliefs match the survey and explore how all that matches current evidence.

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What Keeps You Sharp? is part of a double-bill alongside Science is... by Stephen Darling (Queen Margaret University).

Find out more at http://www.glasgowcomedyfestival.com/shows/2306

Part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas at the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

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