BNA2021 Symposia and Workshops


Session submission portal

The Programme Organising Committee is delighted to invite you to submit proposals for sessions at the 2021 Festival of Neuroscience, being held 11-14 April in Brighton, UK, held by the British Neuroscience Association in partnership with the UK Dementia Research Institute.

Deadline for submissions = 1st March 2020. 

In order to send your proposals please:

  1. Click here to read the guidelines carefully and in full.  Submissions which fail to meet the criteria cannot be considered. 
  2. Complete the online submission process.  This consists of a two-part online form:
    1. Organizer details (below). This should give contact details of the person organising the session submission. The organiser is likely to be one of the co-chairs or speakers in the session but does not have to be. 
    2. Session details. This should provide information about the session's content, plus all speakers' details. The person submitting the proposal may also be a speaker or co-chair: if this is the case their details must be included as a speaker too. 
  3. Closing date for submissions = midnight 1st March 2020

*Are you submitting for a Partner Society?*  If so, please indicate which organisiation you are submitting for when completing the 'organizer details'.  Please also check the guidelines for more details about Partner Society sessions

(Read more about partner societies here). 

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the Programme Organising Committee (POC).  See the guidelines for more details.  Criteria assessed by the POC include:

  • How well it meets the criteria specified in the guidelines, e.g. gender balance, geographical spread etc (see full guidelines)
  • Importance of the neuroscience research covered in the proposal
  • Novelty of and interest in techniques
  • Quality of the research and the speakers
  • For symposia - relevance and interest level of the topic
  • For workshops - level of likely demand by the neuroscience community 
  • They will also look to see whether the proposal markets a product/service.

If you have any questions about the submission process please contact

To start your submission, please give the organizer’s contact details.

The organizer is likely to be one of the co-chairs or speakers, but does not have to be. The organizer acts as the first point of contact and is responsible for ensuring speakers receive all relevant information.