Example mixed session: Primary Conference

The Primary Conference session, delivered by the BNA to 60, year 6 pupils (aged 9-10) used various sections from the following primary topics: brain anatomy, neurons, neuronal communication and the nervous system. The aim of this session was to introduce young students to the brain and neuroscience in general. 

This session was approx. 1 hour long. 

Activities: Make a pipe cleaner neuron (from the primary neurons topic), Ulnar nerve stimulator (this activity was not taken from an exisitng topic, please feel free to carry out activities using materials and equipment that is available to you), Neuron race (from the primary neuronal communication topic) 

Please click here to download the PowerPoint presentation used.

Please note:

  • 'clickers' were used for some slides in this session for the students to answer questions. Alternatively, ask students to put hands up for the answer they think is correct. 
  • some slides were used from the University of Bristol's Life Sciences Outreach presentation 
  • some slides may not be in any of the existing topics, as they have been made to tie different topics together 

Thank you to the University of Bristol, and their Life Sciences Outreach Team for inviting us to deliver the session.