PhD position in decision-making and motor control in healthy and clinical populations

Closing Date
31 May 2021
Laboratoire de Recherches Int├ęgratives en Neurosciences et Psychologie Cognitive, France
36 months

Project Details

How do we translate information from sensory inputs and memory stores into goal-directed actions? In the last 40 years, the fields of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience have focused on the decision-making stage, proposing sophisticated models based on sequential sampling and accumulation-to-threshold assumptions. Very few attempts have been made to understand the complete process. The aim of this research project is to test an integrated theory of deciding and acting in humans recently developed in our lab, which explains conflicting measurements from these traditionally separate fields of research, and provides joint, precise quantitative predictions about them.

The PhD student will perform a series of experiments in healthy subjects designed to test the theory. The experiments will combine behavioral, electrophysiological measurements (EEG and EMG), and stimulation techniques (tDCS, rTMS). The theory will be applied to a variety of mood, personality, and addictive disorders, with the aim of providing new insight into pathological decision-making and impulsive behaviors, and elaborate new remediation strategies.

Host Laboratory:

Person Criteria

The candidate should have a Master degree or equivalent level in cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, or any related area.

Experience with any of the following will be particularly appreciated: cognitive modeling, programming (Python, R), electroencephalography, electromyography, tDCS.

A strong interest in decision-making research is paramount.

How to Apply or

Please send the following documents (all in one PDF file) by e-mail to :

1) For EU candidates: Copy of your national ID card or of your passport page where your photo is printed.

For non-EU candidates: Copy of your passport page where your photo is printed.

2) Curriculum Vitae (1 page).

3) Letter of motivation relatively to the position (1 page).

4) Copy of your Master degree and/or Engineer degree if already available.

5) Copy of your final marks and ranks.

6) Coordinates of reference persons (maximum 3, at least your master thesis supervisor): Title, Name, organization, e-mail.

Contact Details

Dr. Djamila Bennabi ( and

Dr. Mathieu Servant ( )