BNA invited to Queen’s Reading Room to discuss effects of reading on the brain

23rd Apr 2024

At the end of March, Her Majesty The Queen hosted a reception at Clarence House with authors, neuroscientists and members of the literary community to mark the findings of a pioneering new research study commissioned by The Queen’s Reading Room.

Our President Tara Spires-Jones was delighted to be invited to discuss the beneficial effects of cognitively stimulating activities like reading on the brain. Tara brought her “travel” microscope to show attendees the beauty of the brain and discussed the importance of neuroscience research to understanding the benefits of reading to brain health and wellbeing. 

In the image below, Her Majesty the Queen is looking at human hippocampus dentate gyrus.

The Queen’s Reading Room conducted surveys and piloted studies looking at the effects of reading on how people feel.

Tara explained how "stimulating inputs" like reading can improve mental health and reduce stress. 

The work of the Queen’s Reading Room celebrating and promoting the power and benefits of reading opens the door to opportunities for collaboration with BNA members working on reading and brain resilience.

BNA Chief Executive, Dr Laura Ajram said “It’s great that the BNA is being invited to contribute scientific perspectives to national initiatives such as this. We welcome the opportunity to highlight the importance of neuroscience research through this exciting project."

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