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Metabolite flux through the purine salvage pathway in brain
Closing Date
9 Jan 2022
BBSRC PhD stipend rates
School of Life Sciences University of Warwick
1 + 3 years
In this project we will use advanced mass spectrometry techniques to identify the fate of ribose and adenine as they cycle through the purine salvage pathway, the primary mechanism by which the brain makes adenine nucleotides. By using stable heavy isotopes of carbon (for ribose) and nitrogen (for adenine) we will be able to conclusively identify the intracellular molecules into which they are incorporated. In addition, and in collaboration with Dr Martin Lochner (University of Bern), we will utilise novel chemotype approaches to the elevation of cellular ATP, which in the long-run may be beneficial in the treatment of acute brain injuries.

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Enquires: Prof Bruno Frenguelli