BNA Face of the Fortnight: Dr Dorothy Tse

6th May 2024

BNA Face of the Fortnight aims to showcase the breadth, depth, and variety of neuroscience in the UK and abroad.

BNA Face of the Fortnight: Monday 6th May 2024

Dr Dorothy Tse is a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Edge Hill University, UK, and an honorary fellow at the University of Edinburgh. Dr Tse completed her MSc and PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. She has been selected to become a FENS-Kavli Network of Excellence scholar. Additionally, she serves as the Joint Meetings Secretary for the British Neuroscience Association and as Co-Chair for the BNA2025 Programme Organising Committee. She also holds the position of young scientist lead on the Executive Committee of the European Brain and Behaviour Society.

Dorothy’s expertise is in the neurobiology of learning and memory, early detection of dementia, and promoting healthy ageing. The Tse Lab specialises in investigating the neurobiology of memory, with a particular focus on understanding how the brain processes and retains new information. Her research explores the impact of various factors on different types of memory, including episodic (events), semantic (facts and knowledge), and spatial memories.

Her lab has three main research themes:

  1. Investigating the influence of prior knowledge, novelty, and curiosity on the processes underlying learning and memory formation.
  2. Examining the effects of aging and dementia on memory and the brain.
  3. Developing behavioural paradigms that bridge the gap between animal models and human memory research, enabling translational studies.

To gain insights into the mechanisms underlying memory and learning, she employs an array of experimental techniques, including behavioural analysis, virtual reality, electroencephalography (EEG). These methods are used to gain insights into the underlying mechanisms of memory and learning.

The Tse lab collaborates with a variety of patient and public involvement groups and charities to promote healthy aging and brain health. The lab has worked with the University of the Third Age (u3a) Ormskirk and Aughton to promote active ageing and behavioural change in Northwest UK communities. Dorothy has also collaborated with the University of Bournemouth and Healthwatch Dorset on a project funded by Alzheimer’s Research UK to promote healthy brain health in ethnic minority communities. Additionally, the Tse lab works with the Early Onset Dementia Group at Walton Centre, UK, to improve knowledge of health and wellbeing.

Dorothy is interested in being a BNA 'Face of the Fortnight' to share her passion for uncovering the neurobiology of memory, emphasising the journey from animal studies to human applications. In addition to collaborating with academics and industries, she actively engages with participants, patient groups, and charities to promote brain health. She also values opportunities to inspire and nurture early-career researchers.

Each Fortnight, we also ask our featured individuals for a Top Tip that they would give to you if you are looking to get into the neuroscience industry. 

Here’s what Dorothy had to say:

“Follow your passion, work smart and hard!”

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