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BNA Face of the Fortnight: Jina Swartz

6th Nov 2023

The BNA Face of the Fortnight is a new initiative, where we want to showcase the breadth, depth, and variety of neuroscience in the UK and abroad. read more..

BNA brings neuroscience to the Scottish Parliament

4th Jul 2023

The BNA held a reception in Holyrood to celebrate neuroscience research across Scotland and to highlight the need for more to help tackle Scotland's health challenges of the future. read more..

Considering a career in academia?

19th Jun 2023

We have all heard the ambivalent tales surrounding a career in academia. The appeal of investigating a topic we love, the possibility of being involved in cutting edge scientific discoveries, the satisfaction of a well-designed experiment that supports our hypothesis… But also, the endless grant-writing, the long and unpredictable working hours, the constant pressure to publish, and the fierce competitiveness and instability that characterises the profession. BNA2023 academic speakers share top tips for early-career researchers. read more..


25th May 2023

The British Neuroscience Association (BNA) is delighted to announce new Supporters of our initiatives for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in neuroscience, in particular for the third year of the BNA Scholars Programme. read more..

Meet the BNA2023 Festivel prize winners

24th May 2023

Presenting at a conference is a fantastic way to share your research, meet potential new collaborators and get feedback on up-and-coming experimental ideas. During our 2023 International Festival of Neuroscience, we had 100s of poster presenters and wanted to recognise some of the incredible work our neurocience community is doing!  read more..

Parkinson's Research needs you!

23rd May 2023

Parkinson's Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that mainly effects the motor system. Whilst much funding has gone into research in the laboratory, it isn't without clinical trials and research participants that will lead to progress and availability of new treatments in the clinic.  read more..

BNA Face of the Fortnight

23rd May 2023

Every fortnight, the BNA would like to feature someone within the wider neuroscience community, to showcase the breadth, depth, and variety of neuroscience in the UK and abroad. Whether you're a BNA member or not, if you'd like to be considered for a feature, then fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. read more..

BNA President Comments on Dementia Worry and new drug prospects

16th May 2023

A recent Guardian article discussed that over one-third of Birtons are concerned that a loved one may have Dementia, but is having to wait over a month to discuss their worries despite the important of early diagnosis for treatment.  read more..

Mental Health Awareness Week

15th May 2023

This year (2023) Mental Health Awareness Week starts on Monday 15 May and the annual theme is 'anxiety'. read more..

Reproducibility in research: recommendations and key findings from report announced

11th May 2023

The House of Commons Science, Innovation and Technology Committee has published a report following its inquiry into the reproducibility of scientific research. The report calls for reforms in the research sector to help tackle the problem of reproducibility, and takes on board a number of issues the BNA included in our written evidence to the inquiry. read more..

Brighton Rock'd!

9th May 2023

Between 23rd and 26th April, the British Neuroscience Association’s 2023 festival took place in sunny Brighton. A 4-day conference with over 200 speakers, 9 plenary sessions, posters, workshops, and more, the BNA International Festival of Neuroscience was a unique, dynamic, and inclusive meeting, unlike any other. read more..

President Tara Spires-Jones discusses Alzheimer’s drug Donanemab on BBC 4

4th May 2023

Lilly's Donanemab Significantly Slowed Cognitive and Functional Decline in Phase 3 Study of Early Alzheimer's Disease read more..

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