BNA Scholars visit Beckley Psytech

28th Feb 2023

On Wednesday 22nd February 2023, Beckley Psytech – one of the BNA Scholars Programme's Supporter Organisations – hosted the BNA Scholars at their offices in Oxford for a bespoke career development day.

Career development days form a key part of the BNA Scholars Programme, providing involved and interactive opportunities to meet directly with specialist academic and commercial sector leaders and discuss cutting-edge research, discover how commercial organisations operate, and make long-lasting connections that can give them the advantage they need to fulful their career potential in neuroscience.

Born out of the Beckley Foundation and underpinned by two decades of scientific research, Beckley Psytech (BP) are a psychedelic drug discovery startup combining world-leading psychedelic science, clinical drug development expertise and a pioneering approach to the use of digital tools in their approach. BP directors and other leaders from across the country gave up their time to assemble and welcome the BNA Scholars to their main office at Oxford Business Park. After getting to know the team, we heard engaging presentations on unfamiliar aspects of BP's work, from how a startup model works to what it's like to occupy an altered state of consciousness (and even had a go at the latter, sans psychedelic assistance!)

The second half of the day was an extended workshop simulating each stage of the 'product to launch' pipeline: the start-to-finish process of taking a new drug to market. Scholars had the opportunity to learn about each stage, come up with solutions to example problems, and roleplay the different jobs involved. This provided critical insight for the Scholars into the usually very opaque world of commercial sector drug discovery, giving them the knowledge, skills, and contacts to make it in the sector if they choose such a career path. The British Neuroscience Association is very grateful to Beckley Psytech for the time and planning that went into this event.





The British Neuroscience Association is always looking for individuals and organisations with a strong EDI commitment who can work with us to continue building a supportive neuroscience community through the BNA Scholars Programme. If this could be you, please email Sophie Jerrold (Development Director) on with approximately 200 words on your company/academic activities and research interests, as well as 200 words on why you want to support the programme, and what you think your company could contribute, including financial support. Please attach your equality, diversity and inclusion policy, or similar.

You can find out more about the BNA Scholars Programme here, and more about being a Supporter here.

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