Media (2016)

£2 million funding for Mental Health Research

1st Nov 2016

MQ Innovation Workshop read more..

New mechanism controlling brain development found

31st Oct 2016

Neurons feel the force read more..

Apes understand beliefs don't always match reality

11th Oct 2016

False beliefs no longer unique quality to humans read more..

Cerebrum Podcast: The Human Connectome Project

3rd Oct 2016

David Van Essen and Matthew Glasser read more..

First ever joint ABN-BNA meeting heralded a great success

30th Sep 2016

A look over the one day meeting on Amnesia and Epilepsy read more..

New Treatment for Epilepsy?

30th Sep 2016

Scientists completely suppress epileptic seizures in fruit flies read more..

BNA President Discusses Work On Memory

26th Sep 2016

Professor John Aggleton and Colin Thubron discuss memory read more..

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