BNA Awards for Advancing Neuroscience Research - call for nominations

24th Oct 2016

Every year at the Christmas Symposium, the BNA presents the "Public Engagement of Neuroscience Award" to an individual who has brought the importance of neuroscience research to the notice of the general public and the "Outstanding Contribution to British Neuroscience Award" to an individual who has made a significant scientific impact in neuroscience.

Details of past award winners can be found here.

All members of the BNA are entitled and encouraged to submit nominations for either of the awards. Please forward ONE nomination for each category to the BNA office ( together with a brief justification for their nomination(s). The deadline for receiving nominations is 31st October 2016.

The awards will be presented at the  BNA Christmas symposium Mental Health: what presents has neuroscience left under the Christmas tree? - on 12th December at KCL, London

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