Jonathan Ashmore awarded biology's 'premier Prize Lecture'

30th Jul 2016

BNA member Professor Jonathan F. Ashmore FRS has been awarded the 2017 Croonian Medal and Lecture, a major prize of the Royal Society which was first awarded in 1738.

The award is in recognition of Professor Ashmore's research into hearing; his analysis of cochlear hair cells has revolutionised our understanding of how the ear works.

The Croonian Jonathan comes with a gift of £10,000 and medal. The Prize Lecture itself, which will be given in Spring 2017, is the premier lecture in the biological sciences and is delivered annually at the Royal Society in London.

William Croone FRS was one of the original Fellows of the Society. Among the papers left on his death in 1684 were plans to endow two lectureships, one at the Royal Society and the other at the Royal College of Physicians. His widow later bequeathed the means to carry out the scheme and the lecture series began in 1738.

Previous neuroscientist winners include Tim Bliss (2012), Nigel Unwin (2000), Richard Keynes (1983), Hugh Huxley (1970), Bernard Katz (1961), Alan Hodgkin (1957) and Charles Sherrington (1897).

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