400+ neuroscientists support need for primate research

14th Sep 2016

A letter signed by 20+ institutions, including the BNA, FENS and SfN, plus more than 400 primate researchers and neuroscientists, has been published in the Guardian in response to recent efforts by animal rights groups to ban primate studies. The Guardian also published an accompanying article explaining the need for this research.

If you are a primate researcher or neuroscientist, it is still possible to sign this letter and add your name alongside those of two Nobel Prizes, three Lasker Awards, and 400+ colleagues in neuroscience.

Understanding Animal Research coordinated this letter to demonstrate the weight of expert opinion on this sensitive issue, and give a unified voice for researchers in the UK and around the world who were frustrated by animal rights groups claiming that use of non-human primate research is no longer useful. (See article in the Independent.)

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