BNA initiative to build dialogue between neuroscientists and the Home Office

13th Dec 2016

Many BNA members conduct research that falls under the legal framework of the UK Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986.  It is vital that neuroscientists work closely with their Home Office inspectors, not only to ensure full compliance but also to discuss planned changes, as techniques in neuroscience are endlessly advancing.

Clearly, given how many members are affected by Home Office regulations, an important role of the BNA is to seek improvement of this key relationship.

The BNA was therefore delighted to meet with the Home Office’s Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) to provide information about current and future challenges in neuroscientific research.

The meeting, held in Bristol in November, comprised five talks exploring varied issues in both basic and translational science. Perhaps most importantly the talks were accompanied by extensive and constructive discussion about issues that are important to both ASRU and the neuroscience communities.

The day ended with the proposal that the BNA should continue to work with the ASRU, and vice versa, to provide specialist advice on neuroscientific issues, a proposal warmly welcomed by the BNA. 

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