MQ Faces the Challenges in Young People's Mental Health

11th Oct 2016

MQ stands for mental health and quality of life - two things they aim to transform through research.

They aim to bring together scientists, clinicians, people with experience of mental health problems and partner organisations to address three challenges in young people's mental health.

  • Understanding how mental illness develops
  • Learning how to identify which young people are at risk
  • Developing effective interventions for young people and ensuring they are delivered in practice

On average 3 children in every class has a diagnosable mental illness, 10 years is the length of time it takes to get help after the first symptoms develops, and 75% of mental illness starts by age 18. These are only some of the reasons why MQ has decided to launch a new programme to tackle mental health conditions. 

MQ will be announcing more details on the research consortium, and how researchers can apply to be involved.  Please visit their website to get the latest updates about the application. 

To find out more about their programme, please follow this link


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