UAR Openness Awards 2016

9th Dec 2016

Understanding animal research (UAR) presented their 3rd Openness Awards and the 80th Stephen Paget memorial lecture on Monday 5th December.

The awards celebrated four institutions and an individual who have helped further the way in which animal research is communicated in the UK. The BNA are very proud members and supporters of the UAR and their events.

The Internal/Sector engagement award went to the Institute of Animal Technology, for their development in their careers pathway.

The Public engagement activity award went to Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, for their museum event.

The Media engagement award was presented to the University of Leicester, for their work with The Sun.

The Website award was presented to the University of Manchester for having the information very accessible and appropriate to many audiences.

Finally, the individual award went to Andy Gay, for encouraging journalists and others to come and see the reality of animal research.

To find out more about each award and to watch the memorial lecture, please visit the UAR website

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