BNA Face of the Fortnight: Rachel Sellick

18th Dec 2023

The BNA Face of the Fortnight is a new initiative, where we want to showcase the breadth, depth, and variety of neuroscience in the UK and abroad.

BNA Face of the Fortnight: Monday 18th December 2023

As we end 2023, Rachel Sellick finishes her post as Digital Marketing Officer for the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) and will continue focusing on her PhD which will finish in September 2024. 

Rachel Sellick is a 4th year PhD researcher at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on investigating genetic and protein interactions with the mutant huntingtin protein, responsible for the genetic disease, Huntingotn's Disease. She is particularly interested in teasing apart neurodevelopment and neurdegeneration in the disorder, and how manipulating these different genes may suppress a neurodegeneration phenotype. Prior to her begining her PhD, Rachel was a Research Assistant in the Brain Repair Group, post completing her MRes in Translational Medicine and BSc(Hons) in Anatomy and Human Biology, at the University of Liverpool. 

As part of her PhD programme, Rachel completed a 3-month placement with the BNA, helping to organise and promote the BNA2023 festival of neuroscience, and has since, stayed on as the BNA's Digital Marketing Officer. As part of this role, Rachel has helped to redesign the website, put together SEO and social media campaigns, and establied the BNA Face of the Fortnight. 

"Being a part of the BNA has been an absolute blessing. I've gained invaluable experience in Digital Marketing, and it's given me the great opportunity to communicate and network with other neuroscientists!"


Each Fortnight, we will also ask our featured individuals for Top Tips that they would give to you if you are looking to get into the neuroscience industry. 

Here's what Rachel had to say:

"Never give up! Even when it feels like it isn't going your way, it's all a learning experience"

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