Support the BNA's EDI strategy by helping us learn more about you

14th Nov 2023

Made up of neuroscientists from across the UK and beyond just like you, the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) pride ourselves on our efforts to support a membership representative of the diverse neuroscience community nationwide. Our Scholars Programme, our policies, and our research culture campaigns are just some of the ways in which we’re pushing to make neuroscience more equitable, diverse, and inclusive. Now, with just a minute of your time, you can help us understand where we are now on our journey, and what we need to do next to take these efforts to the next stage. 

To do your bit, simply log into your BNA account, and navigate to the “My Locker” section found linked in the top-right corner of our homepage. By completing the short sets of questions you’ll find there under the Update details, Update communications, and Update demographics sections, you will be providing critical information to help us understand the make-up of our organisation.

Learning more about you will help us to identify how representative our membership is, and allow us to proactively support underrepresented groups in a targeted way so that everyone in neuroscience can thrive.

It takes one minute of your time, but it will help improve our strategy for years to come!

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