Mental Health Awareness Week

15th May 2023

This year (2023) Mental Health Awareness Week starts on Monday 15 May and the annual theme is 'anxiety'.


As we enter Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to highlight the work of MQ Mental Health Research. MQ fund world-class research with the aim to transform the lives of those affected by mental health. 

"Between 2020-2025, we are honing our focus on the areas we believe are most vital and where we can have the greatest impact. After years of learning and listening, we believe this new five-year framework offers the opportunity for innovative and lasting change in the mental health landscape."

MQ has spent the last 10 years researching anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions. They use data science to spot trends, have delved into the research behind hormone levels of treatment effectiveness, as well as the development of interventions that doctors can deliver online as well as in person. 

'Without research, it's just guesswork"

You can donate to the work of MQ, which will be funneled into a number of mental health research programmes to better understand, diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

Find out more: How MQ Works | MQ Mental Health Research

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