Parkinson's Research needs you!

23rd May 2023

Parkinson's Disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that mainly effects the motor system. Whilst much funding has gone into research in the laboratory, it isn't without clinical trials and research participants that will lead to progress and availability of new treatments in the clinic. 

Parkinson's UK Oxford and District Branch


We recently celebrated International Clinical Trials Day (20th May) and the team at Parkinson's UK want to highlight how you can get involved in this research. 

"Research comes in lots of different shapes and sizes and different studies need different people to take part. Some might be looking for people who are recently diagnosed or with a family history of Parkinson’s, others might be looking for people who’ve had Parkinson’s for a while and are experiencing more complex symptoms.

The key is finding research that suits your stage of the condition, the symptoms you experience and that will fit in with your life.

Ron took part in a clinical trial in January 2023. He said:

"I was diagnosed in 2008, but thanks to medication, my symptoms have been kept at bay. This would not have been possible without people in the past taking part in research studies to test the drug that helps me today. As a thank you to the past and a contribution to the future, I decided to take part in a clinical trial."


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