Application of Functional Neuromarkers in Clinical Practice

External Event - 23rd to 24th Apr 2018

Quantitative Electroencephalogram (QEEG) & Event-related potentials (ERP) workshop for Clinicians and Researchers 2018 with Prof. Yury Kropotov ,Institute of the Human Brain of Russian Academy of Sciences are having two consecutive 2-day workshops.

Two day workshop on Monday the 23rd and Tuesday the 24th April 2018.

The workshop takes place at The Open University in Camden, London. Details of the venue can be found here

Day 1: Monday the 23rd

Morning: EEG-based neuromarkers: extraction in clinical practice. The attendees will be given the analysis software (WinEEG) and examples of EEG recorded in healthy subjects and in different categories of patients.

  1. Montages of EEG: how to select, advantages and disadvantages.
  2. EEG preprocessing: correction of eye movement artifacts, deleting other types of artifacts.
  3. Computing EEG spectra, coherence. Mapping EEG ratios such as theta/beta ratio.  Computing EEG spectra asymmetry.
  4. Computing event related desynchronization/synchronization (ERD/ERS).
  5. EEG rhythms in healthy brains.
  6. EEG rhythmic patterns in diseased brains.

Afternoon: Methods of EEG analysis.

  1. Methods of artifact correction.
  2. EEG spectra.
  3. EEG coherence.
  4. Event related desynchronization/synchronization (ERD/ERS).
  5. Normative databases.
  6. Pharmaco-EEG
  7. EEG phenotypes in healthy subjects.
  8. EEG phenotypes in ADHD.

Day 2: Tuesday the 24th

Morning: ERP-based neuromarkers: extraction in clinical practice.

  1. Montages of EEG in ERP research.
  2. EEG preprocessing.
  3. Computing ERPs, reaction time, reaction time variability, omission & commission errors.
  4. Extracting latent components from collection of ERPs.
  5. ERP components in healthy brain.
  6. ERP components in diseased brain.
  7. Principles of constructing protocols of tDCS on the basis of ERPs.
  8. Monitoring cognitive control during treatment.

Afternoon: Neuromodulation techniques.

  1. Principles of neurofeedback.
  2. Principles of constructing protocols of neurofeedback on the basis of QEEG.
  3. Principles of tDCS.
  4. Protocols of tDCS for different brain dysfunctions.
  5. Using QEEG/ERP analysis for monitoring the results of neurotherapy.

The workshop costs £300; or 150 a day. Discount for members of the British Neuroscience Association (BNA), £500 for the 4 days.

Discount for Students: £400 for the 4 days.

Details on the second workshop can be found here.

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