Developmental neurobiology: From worms to mammals - London

External Event - 7th to 20th Jul 2019

Developmental neuroscience is a constantly and rapidly developing field that has recently begun to have a profound impact on our understanding of neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders.

Participants on this course will be taught state-of-the-art approaches and techniques in modern developmental neuroscience, covering different stages of neural development ranging from neural induction to circuit formation and plasticity.

They will acquire in-depth knowledge of experimental approaches in six different model species (C. elegans, chick, Drosophila, mouse, Xenopus and zebrafish) and in vitro. They will have an opportunity to closely interact with international leaders in the field, helping them become the next generation of successful researchers in developmental neuroscience.

ThisEMBO Practical Course is the 2019 instalment of five previously held extremely successful courses on the subject. It is based at one of the leading research centres in the field, located in the heart of London.

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