EBI-Sanger-Cambridge PhD Symposium 2019 - Cambridge

External Event - 15th Feb 2019

9.30 - 17.30

West Court, Jesus College, Jesus Lane, Cambridge

eSCAMPS. The EBI-Sanger-Cambridge PhD Symposium. An annual, free-to-attend, one-day, life science conference, organised by graduate students for graduate students.

Featuring outstanding keynote speakers from all walks of biomedical life, current students presenting their own cutting edge research and an expert panel discussion, eSCAMPS is an excellent opportunity to take a break from the daily routine and engage in the wider science sphere.

Cambridge is world-leading for scientific research and its students – us – will pave the way not just in STEM research but whatever field or role we choose to go into.

That’s why this year, eSCAMPS will host speakers from a variety of careers and backgrounds to demonstrate just a small sample of the options that are available to us after our PhDs. From glittering academic CVs to industry visionaries and award-winning writers, be prepared to be inspired, invigorated and most importantly, excited about your life in science.

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