Essential functions of sleep: learning, memory and changing your mind

External Event - 9th Mar 2021

Time - 7.00pm to 8.30pm

Sleep is vital to our wellbeing. The stages of deep and dreamless slow-wave sleep and vivid dreaming REM sleep both have important traits. They each have their role to play in cleaning, up, putting away, and integrating new items into our knowledge schema after the wild party that is waking in our brains

Join Gina Poe as she explores the recent discoveries of how sleep serves to alter our brains and how the brain waves and neurotransmitters are timed perfectly to deliver the right information into the right circuits at the right time.

In this talk, Gina discusses how even slight perturbations of this exquisitely tuned system lead to developmental disorders, mental health syndromes and aging deficits. Followed by some possible ways to make sleep more efficient or to optimize these cognitive, emotional, and developmental processes for a better life.

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