Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies: Single cell omics

External Event - 17th to 24th Sep 2017

The Neuroscience school of advanced studies is to be held in Tuscany 2017. 

This is being held from 17th - 24th September 2017.

To see other courses availble, please look at the programme.

For one intense week you will work alongside faculty that are undisputed leaders in their own field: the result is a profound experience that fosters professional and personal development.

In a proven, unique format you will be exposed to a high-impact learning experience, taking you outside the comfort zone of your own technical expertise, that will empower you with new analytical and strategic skills across areas of neuroscience.

You will gain a heightened awareness for fields of neuroscience relevant for your activity and, perhaps most important, you will gain a place within an elite global network of neuroscientists.

The venue provides the perfect setting to a relaxed yet intense learning atmosphere, with the stunning backdrop of the Tuscan landscapes. World-class wines and traditional foods will make each Advanced Course and Workshop the experience of a lifetime.

Applications are now open, to apply please fill out an application form

To find out more about the courses, fees and location, please head to NSAS website

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