Open Science in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS)

BNA Event - 4th Aug 2020

We're delighted to be partnering with the BrainBox Intitiative for this Open Science event, helping to deliver our Credibility in neursocience campaign, in particular our committement to "equip all neuroscientists with the skills, knowledge, tools and processes they need to carry out neuroscience research which will stand the test of time.

Why attend this symposium?

Null results are under reported in clinical and basic research. Open science methods can address these issues, which promote transparency and reproducibility in research practice. Approaches such as pre-registration enable research to be published before results are known, which places an emphasis on sound methods instead of only the results. This event aims to promote and establish open science in non-invasive brain stimulation and neuroimaging by sharing current practices, results of pre-registered experiments and the future of open science.

This virtual open science conference, organised in collaboration with the BrainBox Intitiative, will bring together field-leading experts to explore and examine open science practices in non-invasive brain stimulation research.

Across four hours of talks, presentations, and interactive Q&A discussion panels, and explore the history and contemporary context of open science in non-invasive brain stimulation; learn about exciting new initiatives geared towards the promotion and encouragement of open science; and gain exciting insights into the potential benefits and opportunities that the adoption of open science techniques can offer neuroscience researchers in the future.

Dr Paul Taylor of LMU Munich joins us as chair of this open science conference as we welcome some of the field’s most influential researchers keen to inspire, promote, and encourage the sharing of open science in this free event. 

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