The Visceral Mind VIII

External Event - 3rd to 9th Sep 2017

A hands-on course in the neuroanatomy of cognition, Bangor University Wales, UK, 

3rd - 9th September 2017

There is no substitute for the life-changing experience of dissecting the human brain, and no better way to learn, by both sight and touch, the three-dimensional brain.

This course is intended for postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers studying cognitive neuroscience. Functional neuroanatomy is taught in the context of neurological patients with impairments due to focal brain lesions, and hands-on neuroanatomy classes with human brain tissue – to bring neuroanatomy to life and make it relevant to students of cognitive neuroscience

They begin with case conferences in which patients with neurological signs of lesion to a system or pathway are interviewed and examined, and in which the techniques of neurological examination and principles of localization are highlighted. The patient's scans will be reviewed for clinic-anatomical correlation relating signs and symptoms to radiological anatomy. In the dissection lab, students will gain a 3D familiarity with brain structure, by sight and touch, to be correlated with what they see in case conferences and scan reviews.

Residential Course £620

Registration includes 6 nights accommodation (B&B), course fees, conference dinner and excursions.


Please note that in order for your application to be considered, we will need all three of the following.

  •  Application form
  • Recent CV
  • A brief (50 word) statement about your interest in Visceral Mind

To apply for the course, please follow this link

To find out more about the course, please head to Visceral Mind website

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