Wiring Together: Neuroplasticity in the Brain

External Event - 11th Mar 2017

 KCL Neuroscience Society is pleased to announce its 4th annual one-day conference titled “Wiring Together: Neuroplasticity in the Brain”!

This is being held at New Hunt's House, Guy's Campus, KCL, SE1 1UL on the 11th March 2017 between 8:30 - 18:00

This year’s conference is focusing on neuroplasticity and the spectacular changes that take place in the brain from a molecular and cellular level to a cognitive and behavioural level. In order to better outline the numerous facets of neuroplasticity, we have classified the programme into five categories: 
- cellular/molecular
- developmental
- clinical
- cognitive/behavioural
- plasticity in neuronal networks

There will be 6 KEYNOTE LECTURES covering topics such as: 
- mechanisms of cerebral cortical plasticity
- brain training in Huntington’s Disease
- altering of memory mechanisms in disease states
- spinal neuroplasticity in limb paralysis
- growth cone pathfinding 
- spinal cord and brainstem connectivity in neuropathic pain.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to attend 4 WORKSHOPS during the day!

Please email abstract (250-300 words) at info@kclneurosoc.com by 5th January 2017! There are prizes to be won for the best 3 posters as judged by an experienced panel of assessors!

Website: www.kclneurosoc.com

Link for purchasing tickets: https://www.kclsu.org/ents/event/4053/

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