Workshop: Spike Sorting and Reproducibility for Next Generation Electrophysiology - Edinburgh

External Event - 24th to 25th Jun 2019

The analysis of extracellular recordings is a computationally and conceptually complex task with multiple sources of error and bias that can affect subsequent data interpretation. The advent of high-density extracellular micro-electrode arrays (MEAs) now allows recording from hundreds to thousands of channels that poses significant challenges. Additionally, current analysis workflows lack standardisation, and few attempts have been made to make perform systematic comparisons between different solutions and approaches.

This workshop will bring together electrophysiologists and developers of tools for the analysis of extracellular recordings, with the following goals:

  • to showcase new approaches to analyse large scale recordings
  • to discuss approaches for validation and quality control
  • to discuss how elements of reproducibility and provenance can be added to typical analysis workflows

If there is interest, the workshop will also include hands-on spike sorting tutorials for MountainsortIronclust (formerly JRClust), HS2 and SpykingCircus. Bring your own data or use the example data provided.

The meeting will consist of a series of invited talks and discussion sessions on the topics of spike sorting and reproducible data analysis. We hope to not only summarise the state of the art, but to also develop recommendations for new solutions. We invite poster presentations to be held on 24. June.

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