Make a model eye

To help you learn about the anatomy of the eye, you can make a model eye.

Your model could look a bit like the eye in the picture below, but you can be very creative and make the parts out of lots of different materials.

Photo of model eye made out of fabric

Here are some suggestions for materials you could use to make the different parts:

  • If you have play dough/modelling clay, you could use this to make the whole eye. If not:
  • For the outer part of the eye, the layer containing blood vessels and the retina: 1-3 (ideally 3) pieces of fabric cut into circles no smaller than 12 cm in diameter. The fabric can be from a cloth, an old garment, felt or you could even use tissue paper or plastic bags cut up. Also a red and a black (or any other colour except for red) pen (can use a biro).
  • For the lens (this will go inside the eye): a small piece of plastic e.g. from a milk bottle, some food packaging etc
  • For the vitreous gel: cotton wool, tissue paper, bubble wrap etc 
  • For the optic nerve: a piece of string/twine and a piece of thread/rubber band/sellotape
  • For the pupil and iris: black and blue (or any other eye colour) felt-tip pens or circles of coloured paper/tissue paper/felt etc
  • For the cornea: a small circle of clear plastic e.g. from a poly pocket/ cling film 
  • Scissors and tape