Scientific Advisory Board

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The Science Advisory Board is a community of neuroscience experts, representing various disciplines.  The SAB provides strategic guidance and direction to the BNA's biennial meetings.

Graham L Collingridge (Bristol) Chair of SAB
Richard GM Morris (Edinburgh)
Jean Manson (Edinburgh)
David Porteus (Edinburgh)
Miles Whittington (Newcastle)
Bob Burgoyne (Liverpool)
Nancy Rothwell (Manchester)
JFW ‘Bill’ Deakin (Manchester)
John Aggleton (Cardiff)
Mike Owen (Cardiff)
Nicholas E Dale (Warwick)
Ian Russell (Brighton)
V Hugh Perry (Southampton)
Stafford Lightman (Bristol)
Colin Blakemore (Oxford)
J Paul Bolam (Oxford)
Chris Kennard (Oxford)
Gero Miesenboeck (Oxford)
IreneTracey (Oxford)
Russell Foster (Oxford)
Christine Holt (Cambridge)
Alastair Compston (Cambridge)
Daniel Wolpert (Cambridge)
Dimitri Kullmann (UCL)
John Wood (UCL)
John O’Keefe (UCL)
Trevor Smart (UCL)
Michael Hausser (UCL)
Peter Dayan (UCL)
Paul Matthews (Imperial)
Ruth McKernan (CE at Innovate UK)
Mark Tricklebank (King's College London)