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Leslie Smith, Professor of Computer Science, University of Stirling,

Marcus Kaiser, FRSB, Professor of Neuroinformatics, Newcastle University,

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Neuroinformatics combines neuroscience and informatics research to develop and apply the advanced tools and approaches that are essential for major advances in understanding the structure and function of the brain.

Within this Special Interest Group, we aim to 

  1. enable re-use of data and analysis tools in neuroscience, enabling reproducability of analyses, and 
  2. enhance collaboration between neuroscientists and informaticians in all areas of neurally related endeavour.

To join you need to be BNA member and send an e-mail to, or follow this link 

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  • The University of Newcastle held a conference entitled Computational Neurology, 20-21 February 2017. The aim wass to help apply the advances in computing and neuroscience to the clinical field for the benefit of patients.
  • The UK Node successfully proposed a Neuroinformatics Symposium at the BNA Festival of Neuroscience on 10-13 April 2017, in Birmingham UK. This symposium was also the official launch event of the Neuroinformatics SIG. The symposium (Symposium 26) took place on Wednesday 12 April 2017.
  • The 2017 INCF Neuroinformatics Symposium was organised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20-21 August 2017. There is further information at the Symposium website.
  • Second Integrated Systems Neuroscience Workshop, 7-8th September 2017, at The University of Manchester. More information at  

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