BNA videos and talks

Below is a selection of footage from some of our past events, including the public lectures from our flagship biennial meeting the Festival of Neuroscience.  Additional broadcasts are available for members-only; if you are not already a BNA member please consider joining us.

BNA xmas symposium 2019 - Pain, pleasure and the agony of Christmas - 16th December 2019, London


BNA2017 - Birmingham ICC, April 10th-13th 2017

In 2017, the BNA headed to Birmingham for its biennial festival of neuroscience. The BNA were proud to host public lectures by Prof Clive Ballard and Prof Paul Howard-Jones. The full lecture videos can be accessed below. 

Prof Clive Ballard - How neuroscience has informed the treatment of dementia

As the age of the population increases, dementia is becoming increasingly frequent in western countries. Already there are more than 700,000 people with dementia in the UK and the number is likely to double in the next 30 years. In this BNA2017 public lecture, Prof Clive Ballard discusses current and future treatments against these neurodegenerative conditions. 



Prof Paul-Howard Jones - Neuroscience and Education: Perils and Promises

Professor Paul Howard-Jones is well known from the 'Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 year olds' documentaries, which give viewers an insight into the minds of children as they make their early forays in to the world and relationships around them. In this BNA2017 public lecture, Paul discusses how and if we can apply our burgeoning understanding of how the brain learns to improve teaching and learning in the classroom. This is a question increasingly asked by educators, scientists and policy-makers - and there is considerable debate about whether and how this might, or even should, happen.


50 years of the BNA - Opening talk of the 2015 BNA Xmas Symposium

In 2015 the BNA celebrated its 50th anniversary since the association's founders started meeting in London's Black Horse pub to discuss the science of the brain. Here BNA President John Aggleton welcomes all members to the anniversary meeting, and founding member John Lagnado speaks on behalf of fellow founder Steven Rose about the early days of the BNA.

BNA members also have access to all presentations given at the meeting, covering everything from cognitive processing to multiple sclerosis, to Shakespeare and the brain. 


Prof David Nutt - Why Scotland Should Lead The Neuroscientific Enlightenment

Forming part of the BNA2015: Festival of Neuroscience, controversial former UK Government advisor Prof David Nutt of Imperial College London discusses the ways he believes a radical policy rethink could transform the classification of drugs and alcohol and their impact on our society.


Prof Adrian Owen - The Search for Consciousness: detecting awareness in the vegetative state

During this BNA2015: Festival of Neuroscience Public Lecture hosted by Prof Lord Robert Winston, pioneering neuroscientist Dr Adrian Owen discusses how studies of coma, vegetative state and general anaesthesia are helping us to understand human consciousness and how it can be measured after serious brain injury.


BNA Christmas Symposium 2014

A succession of witty, authoritative and informative talks made us view Santa Claus and the demands made upon him in a completely new neuroscientific light. Watch a short video here of the highlights from the day!

BNA Conversations

British Neuroscience Conversations was conceived and produced by Dr Jack Lewis. It is a series of interviews with some leading neuroscientists who give a fascinating insight into their fields of expertise. Dr Lewis gained his PhD in Neuroscience from University College London in 2005 and since 2010 has been involved in a wide variety of television, radio and live projects to increase everyone’s interest in their own brain. For more information see